Express Pool Care service professionals, serving Phoenix, Goodyear and Avondale, Arizona explain to their customers the importance of investing in and using a swimming pool cover. They also work with their customers and offer best practice tips on how to clean and store a pool cover. You would typically store a winter pool cover, but on a regular basis you will want to keep your pool cover or pool safety cover close at hand and in use.

The reason it makes sense to be diligent in the use of a swimming pool cover is that using a cover will keep the water cleaner, will help slow the rate of evaporation of the water and might help you use fewer chemicals to keep the water clean.

How to clean and store a pool cover

  1. Hose it off before you remove it. You don’t want dirt and debris to fall into the swimming pool. If you have a solid cover, make certain you remove the water with a cover pump before you remove it so dirty water doesn’t fall into the pool.
  2. Remove the pool springs that hold the cover in place. Be careful removing them as they will have a high tension and could cause injury if you’re not careful.
  3. Once the cover is removed, and floating in the pool, start at one end and fold it — accordion style — into small sections. Try not to drag the cover for this next step and remove it from the swimming pool by pulling it to a flat, clean area on the deck or in the yard.
  4. Carry the cover to an area where you can fully open it and thoroughly clean it. Don’t store a cover that is dirty. Use a cleaning substance that is meant for pool covers. Then rinse it thoroughly.
  5. Once you’ve cleaned the cover, move it to an area where it will be exposed to the sun and allow it to dry thoroughly before storing it for the season. If you store it before it’s dry mold will grow and could ruin the cover. Store the cover in a cool, dry area until you need it again.

If you have a pool cover that is in need of removal and/or cleaning, give us a call or let us know the next time we pay a service visit.