Aaaahhh, Arizona weather! Triple digit temperatures may not lend themselves to your wanting to spend time in a hot tub or spa, but now that the days and nights are cooling off — we know that may be a relative term — but the pool and hot tub contractors from Express Pool Care know that hot tubs get more use now that summer is waning. If you don’t yet have a hot tub you may wonder what are some hot tub costs? We want to share some of those with you so you can make an informed decision when you choose to be a hot tub owner.

What are some hot tub costs?

No matter the reason you’re getting a hot tub or spa — relaxation, therapeutic reasons or for entertainng, you need to understand not only what they cost, but what upkeep and maintenance costs and what impact it might have on your utility bills. In some areas of the country you can invest in a hot tub and its equipment for as little as $1,000, but remember you do get what you pay for and you don’t want to skimp or you will be paying the price in the long run in potentially higher utility bills and in equipment repairs and replacement.

When you’re shopping for a stand alone hot tub or spa you will pay for the structure itself, the equipment to operate it, the cover and the overall price for installation of the hot tub. Installation could include pouring the slab, running the plumbing and electric, filling it and the increases in home utility bills. Your hot tub can be placed on a slab, in a room in your home if you have the correct ventilation or in a corner of your deck or patio. If you have the budget for it, you can even opt to have the hot tub constructed as part of the pool itself for a swim up spa experience.

There are many types of hot tubs that range from utilitarian to luxury and everywhere in between. The way you determine what your hot tub will be like is by the size, the jets, the placement of it, the shell and the housing for the hot tub itself. You will also need to determine how many people will potentially use the hot tub at one time. If you plan to entertain in the hot tub, make sure the hot tub is larger than a two person model. If you need the hot tub for therapeutic reasons, talk with us to make certain you are getting jets for your hot tub that will perform the therapeutic tasks you’re hoping for.

Your hot tub can be run by gas, electric or even be a wood-fired model. A wood-fired hot tub will be less expensive than an electric or gas model, but may not be as easy to maintain or regulate the heat.

A hot tub will eventually require maintenance and upkeep, and that will happen over the course of time. If you work with a swimming pool and hot tub maintenance professional on a regular basis he will make certain your hot tub is running at its peak for as many years as possible. If you want a hot tub or spa, this is the ideal time to begin the process. Talk with us today.