This probably comes as no surprise, but we live in the Sunbelt of the United States. Yes, there is a “sunbelt” and a “snowbelt” (the snowbelt is in the northeast and other regions of teh country.

Caring for a swimming pool in the sunbelt is different than caring for a swimming pool in the snowbelt. The main reason, the swimming pool contractors from Express PoolCare explain is the prolonged days, weeks and months of extreme heat and the potential for year-round swimming.

Caring for a swimming pool in the sunbelt

The actual sunbelt is an imaginary line separating the southern part of the country from the northernmost regions. In the sunbelt, it is rare for the temperatures to dip below the freezing point and if they do it is a temporary weather change. The sunbelt is home to extreme, sometimes triple digit temperatures, for weeks on end.

Arizona also deals with monsoon season which brings excess amounts of rain, sand borne wind and mold spores that can contaminate your pool water. In the sunbelt you won’t have to worry about your pool and its plumbing expanding and contracting like they do in the snowbelts.

In Arizona, pool owners can opt for fiberglass, gunite or vinyl liner pools without any worry of the pool freezing and getting damaged. If, however you do live in those rare areas of Arizona where snow does fall, talk with your pool contractor to see if there is a building material that will work best for you.

What are some of the major advantages of living in the sunbelt and being a swimming pool owner? Here are a few that will protect the pool during the prolonged heat and drought conditions:

  1. Check the soil conditions surrounding the pool as the deck could crack in the drought conditions.
  2. Make sure the water is kept level to the bottom of the pool’s drainage grate. Evaporation can occur rapidly.
  3. Keep the grass waered around the edges of the pool as this will also help slow the rate of evaporation and will protect the pool during monsoon rains.

You will probably not find it to be a hardship to keep up with filling the pool water during the heat of the summer, especially when you know you can swim almost year-round in Phoenix, Arizona!