You love your swimming pool, but you don’t always love the swimming pool maintenance, right? The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona understand that. They happily take on the task of swimming pool maintenance for their customers and also offer insight into the benefits of automatic pool cleaners as a way to keep the pool cleaner between pool maintenance visits.

Benefits of automatic pool cleaners

If you’re not using a swimming pool cover, your pool can quickly become home to leaves, grass, bugs, dust and other debris. This debris will not only make your pool look unsightly, but could lead to algae-flled water and could even cause equipment falture! Using an automatic pool cleaner is a simple system that cleans most pools effectively and helps keep them clean between pool service visits.

They save energy. Because automatic pool cleaners are progammable, they can be set to turn on and turn off at specific times. You can schedule the cleaner to turn on during the overnight when utility costs are lower.

Automatic pool cleaners
scrub the pools’ surface and helps create a more hygienic finish.  You will want to invest in an automatic cleaner that is suited to the size, style and buildng material of your unique swimming pool.

They’re effective.  An automatic pool cleaner can clean the pool steps, walls and the pool floor. This thorough cleaning removes debris that could potentially damage the pool.

They sanitize. Manual cleaning of your pool can take about three hours — if you know what you’re doing! Using an automatic cleaner can clean and sanitize the pool more quickly — maybe even in half the time!  This ensures a thorough cleaning and cleaner pool water.

Talk with your swimming pool contractor to gain a thorough understanding of the best type and size automatic pool cleaner for your unique family pool. This is an investment that will “pay you back” in time spent having fun in the pool, not cleaning it!