Swimming pool safety is one of the most important parts of swimming pool ownership. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Goodyear, Arizona understand this and talk with new pool owners about this very topic regularly. We have 5 swimming pool safety tips that will help you have a safe, but happy and fun, 2019 summer swim season.

Children, and all family members, who know how to swim are safer by far in and around the swimming pool. Keep in mind, though that even if everyone knows how to swim, that still doesn’t mean that you can ever swim alone or that you can not supervise your children at all time.

5 swimming pool safety tips

Here are 5 safety tips to implement for your swimming pool this summer, add to safety measures you already have in place and as a refresher as the new swim season rolls around.

  1. If you’re taking swimming lessons or signing your children up for swim lessons, decide whether you want to have lessons in your own pool or in a group setting.
  2. Until, and even after, everyone in the family knows how to swim wearing life vests might make sense for added safety. To help children like wearing a life vest, let them choose their own vest so they will be happy to wear it.
  3. Pick up pool toys when you’re not in the pool. Don’t leave toys in there as it could lure a curious child to the pool’s edge and he may tumble in.
  4. Invest in self-locking gates and pool covers to assure that when you’re not in proximity of the pool that no one can breach the pools’ safety defenses.
  5. Never swim alone. This is a message for adults as well as children. A medical emergency could befall anyone at any time and it’s always wise to have someone close by in case you need assistance.

Teaching a healthy respect for the water and knowing how to swim will help assure that everyone is safe in and around the swimming pool. Talk with us, though, for ways in which you can amp up pool safety by adding layers of pool safety.