Now that the temperatures have dropped below the triple digits, many Arizona hot tub owners are returning to the backyards and to the hot tub and spa. If you have a hot tub or spa you may wonder how to care for your hot tub and is it the same as a swimming pool maintenance package and will your “regular” pool guy from Express Pool Care in Arizona be able to care for your hot tub as well? The answer is, he can!

You can sign up for a year-round swimming pool and/or hot tub maintenance contract and the water will be kept clean and bacteria free and ready for you to jump in and use when you have the free time to do just that! How to care for a hot tub is a question the Express Pool Care swimming pool and hot tub contractors answer regularly.

Many hot tub and spa owners opt to have their swimming pool contractor care for the hot tub water as well. Free time is a precious commodity for many people and when they have the time, they want to swim or soak in the hot tub — not clean it!

How to care for your hot tub

  • Hot tubs have sanitation systems comparable to swimming pools. You can also have some of the cleaning of the hot tub automated as you can with your swimming pool, but it will still require some human intervention to assure water is bacteria-free.
  • If chemicals in the hot tub are not balanced you can suffer dry, itchy skin and red eyes. Out of balance chemicals, whether too high or too low lead to skin issues as well as damage to the hot tub equipment.
  • Hot tubs do need to be drained and thoroughly cleaned throughout the season. The reason is that it’s a smaller volume of water to human ratio and the water will need to be completely drained and the hot tub refilled to give the water a fresh start. When filling a hot tub it’s best to use filtered water. Filling a hot tub from a garden hose introduces contaminants that need to be addressed and killed off with chemicals.

Let us know how often you will use the hot tub, how many people will usually be in it, what the temperature will be and whether you are diligent in the use of the hot tub cover and we cal let you know how frequently you will need to have us pay a service vist.