3 things you must do to have a clean pool, Express Pool Care contractors explain

Living in Arizona almost means you will HAVE to have a swimming pool in order to make it through our sometimes triple digit temperatures. When you own a swimming pool, the pool service contractors from Express Pool Care say there are 3 things you must do to have a clean pool.

Many of these must-dos are items you will want to check on between service visits.¬†Pool contractors understand that pool owners don’t get too much joy from swimming pool maintenance, but they do know that it is important to keeping the water clean and free of bacteria. We want our pool clients to have a basic understanding of is involved with swimming pool maintenance so the homeowner can jump in between service visits and care for the pool.

Here are 3 things you must do to have a clean pool:

  • Check water chemical balance: Purchase a water test kit from your contractor. Ask him for an explanation of the readings and test the water between service visits. A large rainfall or bigger swimmer load leads to a need for more frequent pool chemical testing.
  • Add chlorine: After the water chemicals are balanced you will add chlorine — your water sanitizer. Keep chlorine at recommended levels to assure the water is free of bacteria and so your swimmers won’t suffer red eyes or dry, itchy skin.
  • Super-chlorination: Shocking, aka super chlorinating, the pool is something your pool contractor will do, but it’s important for a pool owner to know this is something that occurs. Shocking of the water helps assure contaminants don’t build up in the water. Shocking may be recommended following a party or after a larger than usual swimmer load or swimmer use.

Your pool contractor will explain the frequency with which you will have to test your pool water and he can explain how to understand the water test kit numbers.