Express Poolcare service professionals offer tips to keep your pool water clean

As a new swimming pool owner in Laveen, Arizona you may have wondered, “what goes on beneath the surface of your pool water?” More to the point, you may wonder what is inside the water itself. When you work with a swimming pool service professional from Express Poolcare you can rest assured that your water will not play host to bacteria. When you work with a pool service professional he will keep the water clean and bacteria-free. There is a lot that goes on beneath the surface of the pool itself — the deck, the pool shell or liner, the landscaping and more than meets the eye.

The structure of a swimming pool is more than the shell kidney shape poolregardless of whether it’s a gunite, fiberglass or vinyl liner pool. Behind the structure of the pool are pieces of equipment designed to keep the pool running smoothly — the filter, pump, plumbing and more.  Two, mostly invisible, pieces of equipment are the most important components — the pump and filter. They work together to keep dirt and contaminants filtered out and keep the pool water crystal clear.

Your pool water can get dirty through contaminants those who use the pool bring into the water with them. Your skin — dirt, insects, frogs and leaves and twigs can all make their way into your water and throw the chemical balances out of line and that could lead to bacteria and even algae growth. Dirt and debris can make the pool unsuitable for swimming but could damage the equipment. If the pool pump and filter aren’t working at peak efficiency the pool water won’t be clean or safe. If bacteria get introduced to the water it can sicken swimmers.

Regular and thorough cleaning and maintenance of the pool water and its equipment are critical to keeping algae from growing. Keeping pH balances in check and keep the water bacteria-free.

Ask us for advice on cleaning and maintenance schedules so you won’t have to worry about the care and cleaning. Ask about an automatic pool cleaning systems – robotic pool cleaners that operate on a timer system to clean the bottom of your swimming pool making it easier for you to keep up with maintenance between service visits.