Why is pool water cloudy? Express Pool Care service professionals explain 

What happens when you’re planning a pool party or to simply jump into the pool after work and you go out and notice the water isn’t clean and clear. Why is pool water cloudy, you may ask? How did it happen? The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool care explain there are many reasons it could occur.

Why is pool water cloudy?

  1. If the pool filter isn’t working at optimal levels it leads to cloudy water. This happens because cloudy pool waterthere is a restricted water flow which causes contaminants to not be filtered properly. Your pool contractor will inspect the pump and filter system during service visits. The pool may need to be backwashed to address the issue.
  2. Improperly balanced chemicals could lead to cloudy water. This could lead to a suspension of calcium carbonate floating in the water making it appear cloudy. Your pool contractor will test the water and balance the chemicals.
  3. Prior to a full-blown green swimming pool because of algae the water appears cloudy. You may notice the pool steps, wall and floor are slippery. Call us immediately. Ridding a pool of algae will require a chlorine shock of the water to kill bacteria and get the water back to clear.
  4. If you have a swimming pool party and the pool sees a lot of traffic, this could lead to cloudy water. Why? Because that many bodies in the water — with their inherent bacteria, body oils and perfumes, shampoos, etc. — can upset the water chemical balance.
  5. The water could appear cloudy because there are tiny dirt and debris particles floating in the water. This could happen frequently in Arizona, especially during monsoon season and if you don’t use a pool cover. If you notice this, talk with your service contractor and he will recommend a clarifier be added. ¬†In some cases these bits of debris are simply too small to be captured and filtered out.

Any time you notice something that doesn’t appear quite right with your pool water, it’s best to contact a pool service professional.