When to call a pool contractor is different for every pool owner and every pool situation. Some pool issues require an immediate call to a pool service contractor from Express Pool Care while others may be a fix that a do-it-yourselfer can tackle.

When you own a swimming pool and everything is moving smoothly along, and you work with an experienced swimming pool contractor you don’t have to worry about issues arising with the pool. If, however, your pool equipment isn’t functiong at its peak or if you’re attempting pool service and maintenance on your own, you may have issues with your pool and its repair and maintenance that may require a call to a pool service contractor for assistance.

If you are diligent, chances are you can undertake pool maintenance and service on your own. Talk with a pool service contractor and get a pool water test kit and ask for instruction on how to read it and what to do to get chemicals back in line.

Know that if you are taking the pool maintenance on your own, that you will want to understand the pool equipment inspect it occasionally — this includes looking for leaks and checking the pool filter pressure to assure it’s in the correct range.

When to call a pool contractor

  1. If the pool pump is overly loud or too quiet. Turn the pump off immediately and call us. A noisy, or hot-running pool pump is a sign of a problem. NOTE: If the pump is noisy it could mean the bearings are wearing out.
  2. Foamy water is an issue that could require expert assistance. Excessive foaming in the hot tub or spa means the water has excess calcium hardness, an imbalance of algaecides or a high total dissolved solids. Total dissolved solids are caused by body lotions, oils, shampoos, etc.
  3. Is the water dirty or discolored? Red or brown water is caused by high iron content in the water. Clarifier will correct the issue. If you live in an older home and fill the pool regularly from the faucet or hose the problem will continue. Green water means algae has taken hold and requires the services of a pool professional to bring the water back to clean and clear conditions.

When you work with a swimming pool service contractor, you may not face any of these issues as they catch potential issues. If there is a potential problem with your pool and/or its equipment a pool contractor will notice that during his regularly scheduled service visits.