What you need to know about pool maintenance, Express Pool Care service pros explain 

It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a swimming pool clean and the water clear. Swimming pool owners in Arizona know that and that’s why so many pool owners opt to work with a swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care when they become pool owners. Pool service contractors offer this information on what you need to know about pool maintenance in case you want to care for your pool yourself or if you simply want to be an educated consumer.

What you need to know about pool maintenance

Here is a short list of pool maintenance items that are performed and answers to FAQs:

  • Should my pool filter be cleaned weekly? When the pool pressure is more than five pounds over the pounds per square inch recommended, then the filter needs to be cleaned. The frequency for most filter cleanings is about every four months.
  • How often should the pump basket be cleaned? At least weekly, maybe more depending on the amount of people in the pool and the amount of dirt, debris and leaves that fall into the pool. Using a pool cover will help cut back on debris falling into the pool.
  • How long should the pool pump and filter run? The average answer is between six to eight hours per day in teh summer, four hours a day in the winter — if you use the pool throughout the year. The size of your pool, its depth and the type of pool filter and pump will need to be factored into the length of time it must run.
  • Does an automatic pool cleaner eliminate the need for brushing the pool walls and floor? No. Either you or your pool contractor will need to brush the pool to prevent algae growth.
  • How much water is in my pool? In case you’re curious, here is a formula youi can apply: Take the average depth times the water surface area and times that by 7.5 and you the total volume of water in gallons.
  • Did you know you lose a half an inch of water daily and it’s not a cause for concern. This is especially true in the heat of an Arizona summer. However, if the pool loses more than that per day, there could be a leak. You will want to call a pool contractor to come and inspect it and fix it if it is leaking.

Whether you work with a pool service contractor for all of your pool service needs or use a pool contractor on an occasional basis, it’s best to have an understanding of what goes into pool service and maintenance even if you don’t do it yourself.