Express Pool Care, service contractors answer the question, “What is a sand pool filter?” 

There are so many decisions you will have to make when you decide to become a swimming pool onwer that your head will be spinning. You will also be asked to make decisions on items you have no knowledge about and that is one of the most difficult things about being a new pool owner — making all of the decisions. If you find a pool contractor whom you trust and who takes the time to explain various pool options and to answer your questions, you will be ahead of the game.

One of the decisions you wll have to make is the type of pool filter to use. Swimming pool service contractors from Express Poolcare explain the sand filter is one of the options. It cleans the pool using sand that has been finely ground. The sand is very rough and it needs to be in order to help filter out impurities from the water. Over time, the sand loses its roughness and its effectiveness to filter impurities. Your pool contractor will change the sand about every five years. When the sand loses its roughness the filter works harder to perform its task.

What is a sand pool filter?

When the sand needs to be changed, here are some of the tasks he will perform.

  • Remove the old sand from the filter. To do this pulls the drain plug and lets the water drain out
  • After the sand is removed he will clean and examine the laterals to make certain they are still viable
  • If necessary, he will soak the laterals in a muriatic acid bath to remove any impacted dirt
  • The tank will be cleaned and the clean laterals reinstalled
  • The underdrain assembly will be replaced and water will be added to the tank until it’s about half full
  • Sand will be added, making certain it is level in the sand bed before more is added
  • After the correct amount of sand has been added the filter tank will be reassembled
  • The filter will be turned on and run in backwash mode as a way to completely flush the dust from the sand

Thankfully the sand won’t have to be changed frequently, but when it is necessary, your pool contractor will undertake the task on your behalf.