Express Pool Care pool service professionals demystify pool chemicals 

The chemicals that your swimming pool service contractor adds to your pool water during a service visit may seem to perform magic in keeping your pool water free of bacteria and harmful contaminants that could sicken anyone who uses the pool. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Avondale, Arizona explain that while there is no magic behind pool chemistry, there is expertise and skill required to keep everything in line. Too few chemicals can lead to algae or bacteria taking hold; too many chemicals can damage pool equipment and cuase red eyes and dry itchy skin.

Why do you need to have chemicals in your swimming pool?

  • They keep the water safe from contaminants.
  • Bacteria and microorganisms could make anyone who uses your pool ill.
  • Chemicals keep the water sparkling clean.

What are the most commonly used pool chemicals and what do they do for your pool water? pool chemicals

Chlorine, whether liquid, crystal or tablet form sanitizes the water.

A salt chlorine generator is another method of cleaning the swimming pool water. This system uses salt – which turns into chlorine, but at lower levels – to sanitize the water. Ask us about the process for installation as well as the potential price and cost savings over using chlorine.

Stabilizer is needed to keep the chlorine from being depleted. The stabilizer melds with the chlorine to make it more durable.

The pool will need to be “shocked” also known as super-chlorinated. The reason for this is that chlorine will not be as effective as it originally was and when this happens your pool contractor will shock the pool water as a way to kick start its effectiveness.

We will measure the water’s pH levels pH that is too high or too low can prevent chlorine from properly doing its job and can damage pool equipment.

This is a very basic primer on what the pool chemicals used in your swimming pool do and why they are necessary. The pool contractors from Express Pool Care explain it is a delicate balancing act to get chemicals in line and keep the water bacteria-free and swimmable and that’s why many pool owners use our pool service program.