Express Pool Care service professionals offer tips to care for your new swimming pool 

If you’re a first time swimming pool owner in Laveen or Goodyear, Arizona, the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care offer tips to care for your new pool:

  • Keep in mind that hose or tap water is not “swimming pool water.” The water that goes into your swimming pool will need to be treated for alkalinity, calcium hardness, pH balance and metals and minerals in the tap water. Chlorine is added to sanitize the water to kill any bacteria. Getting the pool chemistry “just right” is a delicate balancing act and that is why many pool owners opt to work with a pool service professional. Remember, too, if you decide to undertake your pool maintenance you will need to purchase and find a place to store all of the pool chemicals.  
  • If you have a dog, you may wonder if he or she can join you and the short answer is, “yes.” There’s no reason he can’t enjoy swimming with you, but you may need to clean and maintain the pool more frequently because of the dirt and debris your dog brings in. Pool water and its chemicals could also make your dog’s skin dry so you will want to wash him after he swims. Keep in mind that not all dogs love the water and not all dogs can swim; don’t force your dog to join you.
  • Is there a lot of filter maintenance I have to worry about? The answer is, “there might be.” The amount of filter maintenance you will have to perform on your own will depend on the schedule you have with your pool service contractor for maintenance, whether you use a cover and how often the pool gets used. Ask us for the frequency with which you should be checking your pool filter. We do know you will want to check and clean the skimmer baskets regularly.
  • Do I need to drain my pool? The short answer to this is a resounding, “no!” It’s very rare that a pool will need to be drained, and if it does you will want to work with a swimming pool service professional because draining a pool without knowing what you’re doing could lead to damage to the pool, its structure and could cause a fiberglass pool to “float” and that could damage the plumbing and electricity.
  • How important is it that I use a pool pool cover?  A cover traps warmed water, helps use fewer chemicals, slows the rate of water evaporation and adds an additional layer of protection between the pool water and a child or pet.

There are myriad other questions that will arise, and when in doubt, give us a call!