Phoenix, Laveen & Goodyear, Arizona pool contractors offer tips to help kids respect the pool

The time spent in the family swimming pool, especially in Arizona in the height of summer, is a time when you and your children will make wonderful memories together and those will be memories that will last a lifetime. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona urge pool owners to teach children to respect the swimming pool so that the fun times aren’t fraught with the potential for an accident.

It’s important to teach children to respect the pool as a way to keep them safe. Respecting the pool means your children should understand the work that goes into keeping it clean, clear and ready for swimming. If your family had a pool when you were growing up, chances are you didn’t think much about who took care of it, right? We’ll bet your parents made it was cleaned and maintained – it wasn’t magic!

Here are tips from the pool contractors from Express Pool Care on ways to teach children respect for water:

  1. Your children look at the pool as a water-filled playground and they should!  Make certain they are aware of potential dangers and that they understand they should never swim alone. Don’t scare them but do impress upon them that swimming alone is never allowed — even for the adults.
  2. Sign your child up for swim lessons that are aimed at his or her age and skill level. Just because they’ve had lessons, they should still never be left alone in the pool.
  3. If you have young children, ask their pediatrician when it is safe for them to begin swimming and ease them into the pool with you.
  4. Another way to build respect for the pool is to have your children help with age-appropriate pool cleaning tasks. Have them help with pool chores such as skimming off dirt and debris that fall into the water.
  5. When they get older, keep them involved by giving them the chore of brushing the pool walls and floor or running the vacuum. Show them how and spend time with them when they are involved in the pool tasks.

The age of your child determines chores he or she can help with. Make sure they are aware of what goes into owning a swimming pool and get them involved.