Express Pool Care professionals, serving Phoenix, Goodyear & Laveen Arizona talk pool steps

If your swimming pool doesn’t have a beach entry, chances are it has steps in the form of tiles that match your pool or a ladder. The swimming pool service professionals from Express Pool Care spend time cleaning the steps — regardless of the style — when the pay a service visit. One of the reasons that care must be taken to address the pool steps is that they offer ideal “hiding” places for bacteria and algae to grow so it’s crucial that they are cleaned along with the rest of the pool maintenance that is performed.

Large luxury swimming pool with clear blue water

Large luxury swimming pool with clear blue water

When you originally had your pool constructed you had to consider many aspects and one of those was the installation of either a ladder or beach entry or other form of step to get into and out of the pool: If, however, you’re in the beginning stages of construction or undertaking a remodeling project here are items to consider for pool stairs or a ladder:

  • The building material of your swimming pool may be the biggest deciding factor on whether you have a ladder or stairs. If you have a vinyl liner pool your contractor knows that it must remain away from the liner to prevent tears because a ladder causes the most tears in liners.
  • Who will be using the pool and how mobile are they? If you will have children or the elderly or someone with limited mobility getting into and out of the pool you will need to consider that and consider the safest way for all involved to use the pool.
  • As a caution, if you have children you need to make certain the ladder that is installed is not accessible from the back. A curious child may try to swim behind it and get stuck.
  • Swimming pools with shallow ends may lend themselves to a beach entry, be aware though that this style will require more of your yard space to be utilized.
  • Your pool contractor can also construct steps for the pool and this is done usually when you are having a gunite pool constructed. With this type if ingress there will be a handrail attached as another safety measure.

Regardless of the type of pool ladder or steps you have installed in your swimming pool, safety must always be front of mind and you can talk with your pool service contractor about safety measures to add to your pool.