Swimming pool must-haves for pool owners in Phoenix, Arizona aren’t much different than what a pool owner would need in any part of the country, the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care explain.

You’ve made a major investment when you took on the task of becoming a swimming pool owner. Now you need to make certain you properly care for the pool to protect the investment and assure it will be operational and beautiful for decades to come. Proper maintenance is one of the best ways in which ot protect your pool. Many swimming pool owners find that it’s less expensive, and it’s certainly less time consuming to hire a pool contractor to take on the task of pool maintenance. The adding of chemicals and the balancing of the chemicals in the pool is a delicate art which typically requires an experienced service pro.

Swimming pool must-haves

The options for keeping your pool clean and knowing which pool equipment and what products you should invest in can be mind boggling. There are myriad possibilities in:

  1. Automatic cleaners
  2. Filter types and styles
  3. Pool heaters
  4. Pool Covers
  5. Pool chemicals

If you’re looking for the “perfect” pool experience for your family here are our best practice tips.

  1. Keep the pool water clean. You will need quality chemicals. The chemicals you purchase from the big box department stores may not be ideal, purchase chemicals from a pool service pro if you’re determined to clean the pool yourself.
  2. You will need to invest in chlorine, a sanitizer, clarifier, shock, algaecide treatments and a pool water testing kit.
  3. Using an automatic swimming pool cleaner to help keep the pool and the pool water clean. There are several types of automatic cleaners to choose from including: pressure side, suction side and robotic cleaners which look and act like the in-home automatic cleaners. Ask us for information on which type of cleaner will work best for your unique swimming pool.
  4. The pool filter you choose when you have your pool installed will be the piece of equipment that captures dirt and removes it from the swimming pool. The pool pump circulates the water through the filter. There are three types of pool filters including: cartridge, diatomaceous earth (DE) and sand filters. Again, the type of pool filter you chose will depend on a number of factors unique to your swimming pool.
  5. Pool equipment such as a cover and a skimmer will help keep the pool clean between pool service visits. Using a cover will help slow the rate of evaporation and will also act as a safety barrier. A skimmer is a handy piece of equipment to help you easily and quickly scoop debris from the pool.

Keeping your pool water clean and always swimmable is crucial so you can swim whenever the urge strikes, and when we get into the triple digit temperatures that will become even more important! Ask us for advice and an estimate on cleaning your pool for the season.