Is the dream of owning a swimming pool only for those individuals in Phoenix, Arizona who have spacious backyards? Express Poolcare pool service professionals in Arizona say, “Small yard? Want a pool? No problem!” A small yard doesn’t preclude you from being a swimming pool owner — you just need to scale your pool dream to your yard size — simple as that!

The swimming pool service professionals from Express Poolcare know that to be true as they work with customers to clean anything from a single lane pool to a traditional pool to commercial swimming pools. They know that when you’re faced with triple digit temperatures before summer even truly makes its appearance, spending time in your very own pool is truly the only way to beat the heat in this state!

Small yard? Want a pool? No problem!

  • Let your contractor know the size of your yard. Better yet, have him come out and look at your yardspace and give you his suggestions on what size/shape pool will fit in the available area.
  • You will want a pool with maximum swim space — look past in pool ladders and other items that take up the space available for swimming.
  • If you have the budget, look at a custom-designed pool that can conform to your available yard space rather than making the space fit the pool.
  • Lap pools are ideal for small yards. They are essentially one lane of a traditional pool. You can swim laps, but you can also invite your friends and family over for a pool party. Lap pools provide form and function.
  • Natural pools are aesthetically pleasing if you have a small yard. You can “disguise” your pool in the landscape you have available in a way that won’t make it seem as though your entire yard is all pool.

Once you’ve had your swimming pool designed and installed, give us a call and we will come out and provide you an estimate for a pool cleaning contractor to keep your new pool water clean and bacteria-free and always swimmable.