When you become a swimming pool owner, one of the questions you will ask is, “should you hire a pool service contractor?” It’s a personal decision one that is based on:

  1. How much time do you have to devote to the task?
  2. How much skill do you have in testing and balancing pool chemicals
  3. Whether it may cost you less money to work with a pool service contractor than to do it yourself (and have to purchase and store the pool chemicals)

Homeowners in Arizona understand that having a swimming pool to help survive the triple digit summer heat is almost a necessity, but if you’re new to pool ownership, you may just want to come home from work and braving the traffic and facing the heat and simply jump into the pool without having to worry about all of the maintenance involved. That’s why many pool owners choose to hire a swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care┬áso they are assured weekly maintenance and upkeep will remain on track and the pool will always be swim-ready.

Should you hire a pool service contractor?

Regular maintenance is key to having a pool that has crystal clear water that is bacteria-free. Pool water can get contaminated through people who swim in it as well as from environmental issues like dirt and debris getting blown into the water. Regular pool check ups, water testing and chemical balancing are crucial to ensure the safety and viability of the water. Anyone can take on the pool maintenance and service, but many pool owners find it best to leave it to a pool service pro.

What will a pool service contractor do?

  1. Clean dirt and debris. A pool professional will takes the time to clean pool tiles and floor, brush them and vacuum away debris. Cleaning the skimmer baskets and checking the pool filter will all be part of the maintenance and upkeep package and will assure the health and longevity of your swimming pool.
  2. Water testing, chemical balancing and adding chemicals. For the uninitiated, adding chemicals to the pool water in many cases leads to adding too many chemicals of one form and then having to re-balance the water chemistry through the addition of different chemicals or by adding more water to the pool, then retesting. It can be a vicious cycle. As mentioned, many pool owners find they spend more money on chemicals than they would if they had contracted with a pool cleaning professional. Incorrect chemical balances can lead to red, irritated eyes, itchy skin and can even lead to damage to pool equipment or discoloration of liners and tiles. You also want to factor in how much free time you have and decide whether you want to clean the pool or swim in it.
  3. Cleaning and inspecting. Your pool contractor will clean filters, inspecti the pool pump’s PSI, check and clean ilter baskets and other equipment. He will also check for leaking or other issues with the pool.

Peace of mind is one of the biggest benefits you will reap by working with an experienced swimming pool service contractor.