Whether you’re new to swimming pool ownership or have been a long time owner in search of a swimming pool service contractor, it’s good to understand what type of tasks you would like performed for your pool. Some items to consider are: what you need for your pool service b) what you can do yourself c) what you simply don’t want to have to deal with when it comes to pool maintenance.  Individuals new to pool ownership find chemical balancing act to be not only a delicate one but a perplexing one in the beginning.

When you’re negotiating with a Phoenix, Arizona swimming pool service contractor on behalf of your pool maintenance you may not even know where to begin or what to ask. Here is some basic information to consider:

  1. Chemical only service where the swimming pool service pro tests your swimming pool water and adds the chemicals necessary to balance and sanitize the water. With this type of a contract, the swimming pool owner will be required to perform the other pool maintenance steps ranging from cleaning the pool skimmer, baskets and filter and brushing the pool regularly
  2. Chemical backwash service. With this package the swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care would test and add basic chemicals to the water and backwash the filter on a regular basis. Again the swimming pool owner is required to perform all other cleaning and maintenance.
  3. chemical filter and clean service package includes the swimming pool service pro testing the water, adding chemicals to sanitize the water and washing a single pool cartridge filter on a regular basis. All other cleaning and maintenance is up to the pool owner. With a chemical, filter, and spa service package the service pros at Swim Pure will test the water, add chemicals, backwash the filters and treat your spa and clean its filter. Again, the swimming pool owner is responsible for all other pool and spa maintenance.

Premium maintenance service packages might include:

  1. Full service pool cleaning involves your swimming pool service pro testing the water, adding chemicals to keep the water in line, sanitizing it, backwashing the filter, brushes and/or vacuuming of your pool on a weekly basis. Ask your potential pool service professional if the prices they are quoting include the cost of chemicals or if you’re expected to pay a higher fee for the chemicals used.

Know that this is merely a sampling of what a pool contractor might offer as a service package and should be used as a guideline to help you determine what you might want for your own pool contract.