When you think of winter in Arizona you don’t typically think of cold, ice and snow, but within the past couple of years there have been all three. While swimming pool service contractors in Laveen, Arizona understand that pool professionals in other parts of the country help clients close their pools for the winter, it isn’t always a necessity in our area of the country. However, with that being said, if you don’t have a pool heater and you don’t believe you will use the pool in the cooler months of the year, it’s best to have it properly closed for the season to prevent any damage to it in the event there is a freeze.

A properly performed swimming pool closure will help assure your pool will not sustain damage during the winter and will help assure it will be easy to open once spring rolls around. The swimming pool service contractors at Express Pool Care know there are myriad reasons to winterize a swimming pool and they provide their top five below:

  1. To prevent damage if there is a freeze. The biggest risk to a swimming pool is from frozen water because it can cause cracking and damage to filters, pumps and skimmer baskets. This could lead to their needing to be repaired or replaced prior to the next swim season and could also wreak serious damage to the underground or behind the pool wall plumbing.
  2. Closing the pool means it will receive a thorough cleaning. All dirt, leaves and other fallen debris will be removed and the walls, steps and floor will be scrubbed down to prevent any algae from taking hold during the winter months.
  3. The pool water chemistry will be balanced as a way to prevent any discoloration of the structure, corrosion of the equipment or scale or calcium build up. Winterization chemicals will also be added to the water once the pool water level is dropped a few inches.
  4. Pool filters will be removed and thoroughly cleaned and can be stored in a warm, dry place for the season.
  5. A cover will be put in place in the pool after floats are added to the pool itself. The floats help assure the water will not freeze solid and damage the structure. The floats also help keep the cover from falling into the pool if there is a lot of rainwater or any ice build up.

The efforts that your swimming pool service contractor puts into your swimming pool winterization now will pay off in the spring when he merely needs to remove the cover, refill the pool, clean it, balance the chemicals and viola you’re ready to swim again!