Express Poolcare service professionals believe in swimming pool cover use 

Ask any swimming pool contractor and he will likely tell you that it makes sense to use a swimming pool cover for your pool every time you’re not using it. Why? because they provide myriad benefits and they can save you money!

If you aren’t currently using a swimming pool cover you may want to take some time and talk with your swimming pool service provider from Express Pool Care to explain the benefits you may realize by using a swimming pool cover. Here are a few:

  1. A pool cover can help eliminate water evaporation and help the pool be more energy efficient.pool covers
  2. A cover will help keep the water warm — a bonus if you use a pool heater — because the cover will keep the heat enclosed.
  3. You can cut down on the time and money spent cleaning your swimming pool. A cover will keep dirt and debris out.
  4. Use a “safety cover” as an additional layer of safety to keep children and pets from falling into the water. Not all covers are “safety covers.”
  5. As mentioned, using a pool cover cuts back on evaporation and this means you won’t need to refill it as often. You will spend fewer hours – or have your pool contractor spend fewer hours – cleaning the pool.

Your pool contractor can take measurements of your swimming pool and install it for you so that you’re assured you’re not only using it correctly but that it is the proper cover for your unique pool size and style.