Express Pool Care contractors in Phoenix, AZ share barbecue tips

Poolside barbecue tips, especially when you are replacing an existing barbecue or adding a new one to your backyard is something that the pool contractors from Express Pool Care have information and tips pool owners can use when they’re making their purchasing decisions.

Poolside barbecue grill tips

Here is a shopping checklist:

  1. Set a budget. It’s easy to get drawn into buying a grill with all the “bells and whistles” that you may want, but may not be able to afford. Knowing what you can spend for the entire purchase is the first step in the process.
  2. Know how often you will use the grill. Will you use it daily? Weekly? Only when you have parties? The reson for knowing this is this will help allocate the money you spend on the size and style of barbecue grill you want for your backyard.
  3. How much backyard and poolside space do you want to devote to the barbecue grill? Remember, if you have children running around, you need to make certain the grill is not in the line of traffic — safety first.
  4. What kind of fuel do you want to burn? Gas? Electric? Charcoal? This will have a bearing on the price of the grill, the cost of operating it and the taste of the food you’re grilling.
  5. What grill accessories do you want? You can buy grills that have rotisseries, side burners, side tables, under grill cabinets and myriad other features. Will the grill be a stand alone or will it be part of an entire poolside outdoor kitchen project?

Do some online research, visit retailers to look at various grills and determine which features and options you want for your family’s barbecue grill. Make a decision after you have researched and set your budget and know that once you get your grill, your family will probably not cook indoors again this summer!