Does your pool need a remodel? Just a slight renovation or a complete overhaul? Are you considering updating some of the pool equipment for more energy efficient styles. Pool updates to think about could range from safety upgrades, pool equipment updates, a pool tile cleaning, adding a pool accessory or even converting from a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool. 
Check out the budget for your pool project. The next time your pool contractor from Express Pool Care pays a service visit, spend some time with us to discover what items might be in need of repair or replacement and then talk about what items would be “must dos” or “nice to dos” for a renovation project.

Pool updates to think about

  1. Moving away from swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool is a choice many pool owners are making. You can choose to get a natural pool or you can have a salt water chlorinator installed. A saltwater pool with a chlorine generator means you will be cleaning your pool with a salt cell (and yes, you will still have small amounts of chlorine in the water). The way it works is that the pool water will circulate through the salt generator, the salt produces chlorine gas that dissolves in the water. The chlorine gas breaks down, turns into salt and is then cycled through the generator. Many people say swimming in a saltwater pool makes their skin smoother.
  2. Upgrade your pool safety. Depending on the ages of the children in your household, you may be looking at a complete safety remodel to make the pool experience as safe as possible to prevent accidents from happening. Your pool safety upgrade could include the installation of a new/taller/different style pool fence. Check the pool fence locking mechanism and replace it if necessary or add a self locking mechanism with an alarm. A pool safety net can be quickly and easily installed on your pool when you don’t want to put the pool cover on. A pool safety net is a mesh style net that is designed to keep children and pets from falling into the water.
  3. Have the main drain checked and add enhanced anti-entrapment equipment to add to the safety of the pool.
  4. Is the pool ladder safely attached? Are the bolts and equipment in good working order? Also, is the ladder locking mechanism in good working order?

Do you want to add a motion sensor camera? How about house alarms that will sound if the doors are opened? Again, if your children are getting old enough and are mobile (as compared to newborns) have a safety inspection performed so you can make your pool the safest room in the house.