Pool Care 101: Vacuum A Pool is one of the most basic parts of pool ownership and is necessary to keep fallen debris from discoloring the pool structure and from upsetting the pool chemistry balance. The swimming pool service professionals from Express Pool Care explain importance of vacuuming a pool and how to do just that. Vacuuming a swimming pool is one of the services that your pool contractor will perform when he pays a visit to your pool.

Swimming pool maintenance and upkeep — may seem to be a daunting task and a mysterious mix of chemicals and equipment and water testing. For the  swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care  it is a required task and vacuuming and pool care in general requires diligence and a certain level of knowledge. Some do it yourselfers are more than happy to take on the role of pool service professional, but many pool owners find they just want to swim when they have free time — not worry about chemical balancing and pool vacuuming.

Pool Care 101: Vacuum A Pool

You may also find it will cast you more money to do the pool maintenance than it will be to hire a pool contractor. Why could it cost more to perform pool maintenance on your own? The main reason for many pool owners is that they just don’t understand the nuances of balancing chemicals and this could lead to continually adding chemicals, then adding water and back and forth in order to keep the water properly balanced. This can be costly. If you clean the pool yourself you have to purchase chemicals and have a place to store them where children and pets do not have access to.

 Here are pool vacuuming tips that you will want to try between service visits. 

  • Before you vacuum, you might want to brush the pool walls and floors to remove any clinging debris, but if you’re working with a pool contractor, this might not be as important.
  • Put the vacuum head and the hose together and then attach it to the filter. If you’re a first time pool owner or if you want a refresher, ask us for a quick lesson on vacuuming and how to put the vacuum together and to get the suction flowing.
  • Lower the vacuum head to the bottom of the pool.
  • Sink the vacuum hose to the bottom of the pool slowly so the air moves out of it.If you’ve done this properly, water will come out of the hose.  You can tell if you’ve properly lowered the vacuum head if water comes out of the hose.
  • Remove skimmer basket and connect the free end of the hose to the opening at the back
  • Turn the main control valve on the filter to the off position.
  • Turn the control valve attached to the skimmer off until the pump starts.
  • Open the valve slowly until the pump starts running
  • Vacuum slowly so you don’t stir up fallen debris. If the pool is overly dirty you may have to empty the pump strainer multiple times.
  • Once you’re done, turn off the valves before you lift the vacuum from the water.

Talk with us to gain an understanding of what is involved in pool upkeep and maintenance.