The beauty of living in Arizona is that you can have a swimming pool party even when it’s the end of October! Because of that, why not plan a Halloween pool party for your friends and family this year! Plan your Halloween pool party now so your guests don’t fill their calendars with other fun Halloween-centric events.

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a swimming pool party? Pull out all stops and have a Halloween party your friends will never forget! The swimming pool service contractors at Express Pool Care offer tips to make your next swimming pool party (whether Halloween or not!)  the best it can be:

Plan your Halloween pool party

  1. Send out save the date cards or emails. If your guests live close by, drop off their invitation taped to a mini candy bar to sweeten the deal!
  2. Ask everyone to bring their bathing suits and towels. Make sure you have additional towels on hand, though.
  3. Keep sunscreen poolside.
  4. Call us to schedule a pre-party pool cleaning and a post-party pool cleaning.
  5. Plan the menu, but keep it easy and light. Cook up burgers and hot dogs. Serve non alcoholic drinks. Google recipes for “scary” and “spooky” desserts for the guests.
  6. Buy a few pumpkins and offer your guests the opportunity to carve or decorate them.
  7. Use disposable cups, plates and plastic ware so you’re not stucking cleaning up for hours after the party is over.
  8. Keep a mop and hose on hand if there are spills. Clean them up as soon as possible to prevent bees and ants from attending the party.
  9. Have enough chairs and tables for guests who want to enjoy the sun and relax.
  10. Play a mix of Halloween inspired music to set the mood.
  11. When it comes to decorations, think Halloween and get pumpkins, scarecrows, witches and broomsticks and of course, Halloween candies! Light orange, black and white candles to set the mood, as well.
  12. If the party continues on into the night, light citronella candles to keep mosquitoes away.
  13. Make time to host a Halloween costume party and to take the younger kids trick or treating!

Talk to your Phoenix, Arizona swimming pool service provider for more ideas on planning a swimming pool party and for the scheduling of your pre- and post-pool party clean up.