Your swimming pool is an ideal place to spend time with family and friends — both two- and four-legged! Some pool owners find that their dogs enjoy spending time in the pool as much as the rest of the family does and you will want to talk with your Avondale, Arizona swimming pool service contractor if you have pets and are concerned about their safety in and around dog swimming the water.

The swimming pool service professionals from Express Pool Care offer this advice for keeping your pets safe around the family swimming pool:

  1. Pool supply companies sell pool alarms and these devices alert you if the water in your swimming pool is disturbed, ie someone, or something, has fallen or jumped in. You can choose either a floating alarm or one installed directly into the pool.
  2. Fencing around the perimeter of the pool is one of the first steps that should be taken once your pool is installed. Check with your local code enforcement officials as it may be a local law.
  3. Have a pool ramp installed. There are several kinds and they provide an easy way for your pets to get out of the pool if no one is around to rescue them. Even if you install a ramp, you need to take the time to show your pet where it is.
  4. Purchase a collar alarm for your pet that will sound if the collar is submerged. You can also use a life jacket for your dog, but its effectiveness, honestly, is only in the wearing and unless your dog wears it all the time when its outside, it may be a bit impractical.
  5. Always remove your ladder if you have an above ground pool so the pet won’t have access to the water.

Also remember, if your dog loves the water and swims with you often, you will have to clean your filter more often. Spend time talking with your swimming pool service contractor to ascertain the best safety measures for your swimming pool.