Express Pool Care contractors explain monsoon swimming pool clean up

Swimming pool owners who live in the Phoenix or Goodyear, Arizona areas understand that monsoon season in Arizona can wreak havoc on your swimming pool. The aftermath of the heavy rainfalls, the flooding, the dirt and debris that get blown into your pool can take its toll on the health of the pool and its water.

The months of August and early September mean that pool owners in Arizona rely on the services of the swimming pool contractors from Express Pool Care to get the pools back to swim condition following a monsoon and/or dust storm. Your pool contractor from Express will work with you to help clean up any potential mess in your pool left from the monsoons and dust storms and make certain all the pool equipment is in working order. swimming pool flooding

Monsoon swimming pool clean up

The swimming pool service contractors at Express Pool Care offer this advice to swimming pool owners in Arizona for steps to take following a monsoon:

  • Do not turn on the electricity to the swimming pool until it’s been inspected
  • Do not run pumps or filters
  • Take time to clear out floating debris
  • Talk to a swimming pool service contractor and ask for advice on clearing out dirt or mud that’s sunk to the bottom of the pool. Care needs to be taken so you don’t damage the pool’s interior
  • One of the best, and first steps to take, is to make certain you have your pool cover firmly in place before the storm arrives
  • Store or tie down all pool side equipment such as furniture, grills and pool toys. This will keep them out of the pool and keep them from blowing into the neighbor’s yard
  • Call your swimming pool service professional but understand that there will likely be a waiting list before your contractor can come out to care for your pool

Be aware the most pool contractors will be busy following a monsoon event and may not be able to get to you for several hours or even a few days. If that is the case, ask what you can to do protect your pool or to begin clean up until he arrives.