Express Pool Care sevice professionals in Goodyear, Arizona offer pool owners tips on how to make your swimming pool safe. Swimming pools are great fun and are almost necessary when you live in Arizona with its triple digit temperatures and long, long days of summer. A swimming pool, while fun, can also be dangerous if you don’t look at implementing all of the safety measures available to keep everyone safe in and around the pool this season.

There are close to 3,000 swimming pool deaths annually and that includes more than 800 children between the ages of one and fourteen years old. When you own a swimming pool, you want to stack the odds in your favor and keep the children as safe as possible. There are steps you can take to make the swimming pool the “safest room in the house.”

How to make your swimming pool safe

Whether you have an above ground or an inground swimming pool, it needs to be surrounded by a fence with a locking gate. Adding in an alarm will amp up the safety of your swimming pool and help prevent a tragedy. You can add in floating pool alarms, motion activated alarms and a swimming pool safety cover to keep everyone safe. In fewer than two minutes, an unsupervised child can slip or fall into the pool and drown. Minimize or eliminate these tragedies by adding in pool alarms, pool safety covers, locking pool gates and other items.

A pool alarm – one that either floats in the pool or is a wired, immersible device will sound an alarm automatically when a disturbance is detected in the water – whether from a pet or a child falling in. You will want to set the sensitivity of the alarm to not go off when a leaf or twig falls into the pool, but when it is a heavier object.

A quality alarm will be loud and pulsating and can be heard at the pool and in the house through a remote receiver. Understand the range of the receiver and how far it can be inside the house and still work correctly.

Talk with your swimming pool service contractor or pool builder and ask him for information on pool safety measures you can implement in your pool to make it as safe as possible for everyone in the house and in the neighborhood.