Families who have swimming pools know that before they can teach their children to swim, they have to first get them Picture3comfortable in the swimming pool. It takes patience and perseverance to get your child comfortable in the water and the parent has to offer loving support while doing this. The rewards of patience pay off in the long run when you and your children will be able to spend hours of fun together.

Swimming pool service contractors in Laveen, Arizona caution that it may take hours, days or even weeks, getting your child comfortable in the water. You may need to slowly ease them in and get them comfortable in the water. One of the best ways to do this is to simply hug your child and walk into the shallow end of the water with him. If you’re holding on to him and easing him into the water he will feel safer. Jump up and down a bit in the water, splashing your hands so your child will associate water with fun. Once he is comfortable with that, hold him under his arms and walk around the water, letting his legs float free.

After your child has become comfortable with this, take her to the side of the pool and teach her to blow bubbles. What you’re really trying to do is get her comfortable with putting her face in the water. She will likely gasp for air at first as she gets accustomed to the water in her face but with patience you should be able to bob up and down in the water with your baby in your arms and she will be able to go underwater with you.

Following the bubble blowing and underwater bobbing, you can move your child to jumping into the water by himself. Take him over to the side of the pool, stand a few feet away and hold your arms out to him and let him jump to you. Naturally, you will want to catch him so he doesn’t get afraid of the water but eventually he will want to jump to you and doggy paddle toward you. Make certain your swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care understands that you will be having young children in the water as this may make a difference in the cleaning processes he undertakes.

Remember to take time with each of these steps. Don’t scare your child or it could take months or sometimes years to undo the damage that fear may have caused. While you may want to rush the getting comfortable in the water steps, it won’t do anyone any good. Plan to spend several weeks getting your baby comfortable in your above ground swimming pool. Even after your child has become comfortable in the water, you should never leave him alone and you should keep a life jacket on hand for the times when your child just wants to float and frolic in the water.

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