Express Pool Care service contractors, who serve Phoenix, Avondale, Goodyear & Laveen, AZ talk “pool leaking issues”

There will likely come a point, during the time you own a swimming pool that you will need to contact your Express Pool Care service contractor to effect a pool repair. One of the issues that may face a pool owner is to find that their pool is leaking, or that they think their pool is leaking. If you call your pool service contractor, here is what he splashing waterwill do to determine if there is a leak and how he will address it:

  • He will determine if there is a leak and will likely do it through an old-fashioned, but tried and true method — the bucket test. He will fill a bucket with water, set it on the pool steps and mark on the outside and inside of the pool where the water level is. After a few days he will check it to see if there are differences between the evaporation level in the bucket and water lost in the pool. This is one method that will pinpoint slow leaks that don’t necessary cause a puddle to form around the pool.
  • If there is a leak he will check the plumbing fixtures because this is typically where leaks stem from — a loose pipe or a leaking pipe. He will inspect the backwash line, tighten pipes and perform pressure tests.
  • If you have a vinyl liner pool the leak may be harder to uncover, but he will check for any pinhole leaks. If the liner has broken free or has sprung a leak behind a fitting, you may need to have the liner replaced.
  • If you own a concrete pool you are virtually assured that it will not spring a leak the way other building materials might, but if there is a fault in the structure water could seep out. Cracks are typically easy to spot and your contractor will be able to repair it.

While a leaking swimming pool is not a common occurrence, if you find that you’re adding water more frequently and you can’t determine a reason ie kids splashing water out or uncommonly warm weather, you may want to perform the bucket test on your own or call your pool service contractor to address it.