Is it time to close the pool? Express Pool Care closes pools for winter

Is your swimming pool still being used? If you live in Arizona, chances are it might be. If, however you’re wondering is it time to close the pool, the swimming pool service contractors at Express Pool Care can help get the task done. Closing it properly at the end of the season, makes it easier to reopen and use the next year.

Is it time to close the pool?

Are you ready to close your pool? If so, here is what a pool service contractor will do for you: rectangle pool builder Mahomet IL

  • Adjust water chemical balances. Following ¬†balancing of the pool’s chemical balances, it will be shocked with chlorine. Algaecide will be added and the pool cover placed.
  • All equipment will be removed and stored for the winter.
  • The water level will be lowered to between 12 and 18 inches below the skimmer for mesh covers and 3 to 6 inches below the tile for solid, floating covers.
  • To prevent freezing and cracking, water will be drained from all equipment. After draining, the filters will be removed, cleaned and stored.
  • The pool will be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Water from the lines that lead from the skimmer will be blown out and pool antifreeze added.
  • After winterization is done, your contractor will put the pool cover in place. The cover should not have holes or gaps where leaves and debris may enter. Air pillows may be dropped into the pool to prevent potential freezing.

Having a pool contractor winterize the pool means an easy pool process for next summer’s season and will prevent damage.