How to vacuum a swimming pool is one of those questions that the pool contractor from Express Pool Care can help you with, teach you to do or do on your behalf. We can show you how to vacuum the pool so you can take on the task between pool service visits.

During monsoon season, especially, it may make sense that every pool owner knows how to vacuum his or her own swimming pool in case it will take a while before the pool contractor can get you on a schedule for a post monsoon clean-up.

How to vacuum a swimming pool

When it comes to vacuuming a swimming pool you can either vacuum it manually or you can invest in an automatic swimming pool vacuum or a robotic vacuum to do the job for you between maintenance visits. Ask us about what the project of installing an automatic vacuum cleaner in your swimming pool or about the benefits of a robotic cleaner if you don’t want to do a pool renovation project to install an automatic cleaner. If you’re not at the point of investing in a renovation project or an automatic vacuum, here are steps to take to vacuum your pool:

  • After you hook up the vacuum head and the hose, slowly lower the device into the pool.
  • Sink the vacuum hose to the bottom of the pool slowly so air gets out of it. You can tell if you’ve properly lowered the vacuum head if water comes out of the hose.
  • Next, remove the skimmer basket and connect the free end of the hose to the opening at the back of the skimmer
  • Turn off the main control valve on the filter and turn the control valve attached to the skimmer off until you hear the pump start. Slowly open the valve until the pump runs smoothly
  • Slowly vacuum the bottom of the pool. Empty the pump strainer during the cleaning process
  • After you’ve vacuumed the pool, turn off the valves then lift the vacuum from the water

Cleaning the pool between swimming pool service visits cuts down on the dirt and debris in the pool and it also means your pool service contractor will have to spend less time cleaning the pool — it may save you money.

If you want to vacuum your pool, ask us for a lesson in getting everything set up so you can assure you’re doing it properly.