You’ve seen swimming pools that are landscape with lush greenery and trees dripping in leaves and beautiful flowers. If you live in Arizona you may wonder how to landscape a pool in desert regions, because chances are you won’t be able to grow trees and grasses like they do in other regions of the country.

There is no reason you cannot have a beautifully landscaped pool in Goodyear, Arizona, you just need to work with your swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care to have native plants and those that are drought-resistant incorporated into your landscaping. Regardless of where you live, native plants are always best to use for landscaping — let’s face it if you invest in plants that require cool nights and lots of water and shaded spaces, you’re throwing your money away in Arizona!

In addition to having your plants be drought resistant, you also want plants that can survive getting soaked during the monsoon and from water being splashed out of the pool.

How to landscape a pool in desert regions

  • Drought resistant plants — these can survive long periods without water — cacti fall into that category
  • Drought tolerant plants — these require minimal watering and little care
  • Plants that thrive in full-sun backyards — if that is what you have, don’t fight it, invest in plants that will survive it

Xeriscaping is a term you will hear when you’re talking with your pool contractor or a landscaping professional. Xeriscaping utilizes plants that not only are drought tolerant, but don’t have to be watered regularly. Xereiscaping is also called dry landscaping.

Planting some plants — even if they are cacti — help prevent erosion and this is crucial during monsoon season — yes we go from periods of no water to periods of too much water!

Plants in your backyard and around your swimming pool add beauty, intrigue and also enhance the aesthetics of your swimming pool and the outdoor living space. Look for plants that will also provide shade to the outdoor living area and to provide shade to the pool deck to keep it more comfortable to walk on during the heat of the day.

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