Express Pool Care, service contractors talk algae removal

When you go to use your swimming pool — perhaps after you’ve been out of town for a day or two or when you simply haven’t paid it much attention for that length of time and.. you find it’s gone green! There is nothing worse that seeing that green, murky water when all you want to do is escape the Arizona heat and take a quick cooling dip. What is that green in your water? It’s algae and it is not easy to divest your pool of. For many pool owners, this is a signal to call a swimming pool service professional from Express Pool Care who can handle the enormous task of ridding the pool water of the algae.algae

Algae is a one-celled organism that leaves a slimy residue on the pool walls and floor and makes the pool unswimmable. Once algae has taken hold  — and it’s typically found on plaster pools because the rough surface provides an ideal surface for plants to cling to. That doesn’t mean that other pool construction materials can’t be plagued with this green menace, though.

Pool owners who work with a pool service contractor rarely deal with algae growth because their pools are on a maintenance and cleaning schedule that helps prevent it. In Arizona, though where mold and algae spores can be transferred on the winds, during monsoon season even the best maintained pool can fall victim to algae.

Pools with shallow ends are more likely to develop algae bloom because the shallow water heats up more quickly than deeper water and algae thrives in warmer temperatures.

After algae has bloomed it requires diligence, chemicals and increased vigilance to make sure it doesn’t happen again. It will also require your pool contractor to super chlorinate the water and in some cases some water may need to be drained. If you notice a green tinge overtaking your water, you will want to call a pool service contractor as soon as possible.