Express Pool Care service professionals serving Phoenix, Goodyear & Avondale AZ talk pool ethics
Buying a swimming pool and then finding a swimming pool service contractor it’s not always easy to know who to trust and who you can rely upon to keep your swimming pool operational and the water healthy for swimming. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to begin your search for a potential swimming pool service provider in Phoenix, Arizona. Here are some questions you should ask of a potential pool contractor and are items you can rest assured that the pool care professionals from Express Pool Care adhere to:
  • Do their pool technicians undergo a background check and must not be convicted of a felony? Ours do
  • Are the Techs uniformed with company name and logo clearly marked? Ours are. We don’t want you to have any question that it is our technician that is coming to your door.
  • Do their Techs maintain a neat and professional appearance and conduct themselves in a professional manner? Ours do at all times
  • Are their Techs trained and C.P.O. certified and do they receive regular training on repair of equipment and water chemistry? Ours do. We believe that our training helps assure you get the best, most knowledgeable service Tech possible
  • Do they drive vehicles that are clearly marked with company name and logo? Our Techs do
  • Do they guarantee they will be there on time? At our office, appointments will be on time within a fifteen minute window or any services agreed to will be 10% off.
  • Do they remove all trash when they leave? We do.
  • Do they assure that your property is secure when they leave? We make certain if there is a gate it will be closed and locked
  • Are the cleaning prices guaranteed? Were you given a written quote? We guarantee our prices and there are no hidden costs.
  • How long have they been in business? Will they be there if you need something? What if you sign a contract for the summer, will it be fulfilled? Express Pool Care will fulfill all contractual obligations
  • Will the pool Techs be available during the critical summer and monsoon months to make certain your pool is cared for?¬†Express Pool Care will not take vacations during the critical summer months and will give at least one week notice if we will skip service for vacation or time off

Bottom line: Express Pool Care will conduct business with absolute honesty and integrity. You can ask any of our customers (yes, we will supply you with names of our satisfied clients!)