Express Pool Care service contractors offer hot tub cover cleaning tips

Covers for the hot tub, spa and swimming pool are more than an accessory — it should be considered a necessary component when you invest in a swimming pool or spa. A hot tub cover provides protection to both the water and the hot tub itself.  In addition to keeping debris from the spa, a cover insulates and shields it. Weather can wreak havoc on the water and structure, especially in Arizona when the temperatures soar into the triple digits for many days of the year. The swimming pool and hot tub contractors from Express Pool Care explain that the money spent on a cover will be an investment in the long-term viability of it.

Pool service contractors understand that the cover itself must be cleaned regularly; at least once a month. The chemicals you use to keep the water clean and balanced are the same chemicals that can damage the cover tub cover

How is the cover cleaned?

The cover should be washed, top and bottom with soap specifically made for the job. Remember, the cleanser you use has the potential to “drip” back into the hot tub once the cover is replaced so make certain you’re using something that your pool contractor recommends.

Pool service professionals explain if the water chemicals are kept properly balanced, the spa owner can prevent cover damage. It is the unbalanced chemicals that harm the cover more quickly than the exposure to the elements. Pay attention to the hot tub cover zipper as chemical build up can lead it to rust and make it impossible to open.  Don’t use any cleaners that contain silicone or silicone based products because this can harm the protective coating on the cover. There are many types of covers to choose from — soft, hard, leather and they also come in many colors and designs so it is not only a necessary component, but a fashion statement, but each of these brings with it different methods to keep it cleaned.

Hot tub and swimming pool covers, builders know, are items that prolong the life of your hot tub or swimming pool and are an investment you will want to make. Keeping both the water and the structure protected from the elements is a great way to keep the hot tub viable for decades.