Express Poolcare service professionals, serving Phoenix, Goodyear & Laveen AZ offer pool contractor tips 

If you’re new to swimming pool ownership or if you are looking for a new swimming pool service contractor in the Phoenix, Goodyear or Laveen, Arizona areas, there are many items to consider, not the least of which is how much the pool service will cost you. Locating a swimming pool service contractor you can trust your swimming pool and its upkeep and maintenance with is a crucial part of swimming pool ownership. The pool water must be continually checked and the chemicals balanced to assure the water is bacteria free and that the equipment is in top working order.

When searching for a service contractor, here are some items that the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care say you should be looking for and what might go into a pool service contract:

  • A  swimming pool contractor will check the pH levels, chlorine levels and bring them back in line. Ask your pool contractor for a test kit so you can check the water between sealgaervice visits.
  • The skimmer basket will be cleaned and emptied
  • There will come a time when your pool water will need to be shocked aka super chlorinated. A shock is done following an algae problem or a deluge of water from rain storms.
  • The pool walls will be scrubbed down and the pool vacuumed regularly.
  • Skim off any fallen debris between service visits. Remove foreign objects such as bugs or leaves before they fall to the bottom of the pool. Talk with your contractor about using an automatic or robotic cleaner to use between pool service visits.
  • A pool service contractor will offer pool opening and pool closing services. Ask if that is a separate fee or part of the overall summer contract price.
  • Ask about pool repair and renovation services he may offer. Also, does he have after hour emergency services? If your pool springs a leak you need to know you can get in touch with him after hours or on the weekend.
  • What price is he charging, for how often, and what are the exact tasks he will perform when he’s on site.
  • Make sure you are comparing prices apples to apples when you talk with a pool contractor. Additionally you will want to know whether he charges additional money for the pool chemicals he uses or if it’s part of the service.

Gather two or three estimates for your pool service cleaning. You’re not going to buy simply based on price so don’t let a low price sway you – compare everything you’re getting and be an informed consumer.