Express Pool Care service professionals help you choose a contractor in Phoenix, Goodyear or Laveen, AZ

Swimming pools are a necessary part of life in you live in Arizona. Without a pool, or access to a friend with a pool the summer days are downright long and hot! If you have a swimming pool — whether you’re a new pool owner or if you’ve owned one for a while you may be wondering about hiring a swimming pool service contractor in Laveen, Arizona and what you should look for.

The pool contractors from Express Pool Care offer this advice on what to look for in a contractor:

  • Is the contractor you’re researching licensed and insured and legally able to provide services in your area? Not all states require licensing but if yours does, your contractor needs to be in compliance. You will also want to ask for a copy of his or her liability insurance. 
  • What does it cost to have him clean your pool? Until they pay an onsite visit they will only be able to give you an estimate. It will require an onsite visit to look at the condition, size and other particulars of your swimming pool before you can get a firmer price. You should plan to pay between $50 and $100 per month; the price will depend on how often he comes out, the size and shape of your pool and myriad other factors.
  • What kind of customer service did you receive when you called him for an estimate? Was he friendly on the phone? Was he able to fit you in for an on site visit to provide a more comprehensive price? When they arrive, you will also want to make certain you’re comfortable with him and that he can answer all of your questions to your satisfaction.
  • What is your first impression of the contractor? While they don’t have to be dressed in a suit and tie (as a matter of fact that would be silly!) they should be dressed professionally. Many pool contractors have shirts with their names on them, they also have printed letterhead paper on which your estimate will be printed. They should also be professional when they answer the phone saying, “Hi, this is John from XYZ pool company,” rather than just, “Hello.”
  • When you receive your estimate for service is he offering a “flat rate” or an “adjustable rate” for service and maintenance? A flat rate means just that, you will pay XYZ every time he visits. An adjustable rate — which is rarely offered — means that if he has less work to do on one visit it will cost less and if he has more on the next visit, you will pay more.
  • Does he have references that you can call and check?
  • Has he been in business in your area for a while? Don’t hire the services of a pool contractor who comes knocking on your door because they just might not be legitimate.

This is a basic list of items you will want to check out when you’re looking for a swimming pool service contractor to keep your pool water bacteria-free and always ready to be enjoyed!