Goodyear, Avondale & Phoenix, AZ pool contractors explain how to choose a pool filter

Your swimming pool’s filter is the heart of the operation. The filter keeps the water flowing, cleans it and then pushes the filtered water back into the pool. An operational filter makes it possible for your family to swim in water free of potentially harmful bacteria. How to choose a filter is something that the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care talk with their customers about before pool construction and when they’re in the midst of a pool upgrade and renovation.

How to choose a pool filter

Here are the three types of filters you have to choose from:

  1. Cartridge: The most economical and most low maintenance
  2. Diatomaceous earth (DE): this filter polishes the waterpool filters
  3. Sand: Uses special sand to clean and scrub the water. Is one of the most widely used

All styles of pool filters work in much the same way: They filter the water that is pushed into them, clean it and move it back into the pool with the debris removed.

Sand filters use special sand to help filter impurities. The pump pushes the water into the sand filter, it is then moved through the sand and then returned to the water. When the sand loses its coarseness the water will not be as pure or filtered. Your pool contractor can tell you when to change the sand.

Cartridge filters use a filter to capture debris and impurities. Cartridge filters can clean a larger quantity of water than sand filters. A cartridge filter will need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned annually, at a minimum.

What is DE? Is fossilized exoskeletons of tiny diatoms. The DE is coated onto a grid housed in the filter. As with all filters the dirty water is filtered through the grid, dirt is trapped and purified water goes back into the pool.

When considering a filter type, here are questions to consider:

  • Do you want a low maintenance device? Choose a cartridge filter
  • Do you want something that is virtually bullet proof? Sand is the best option
  • Do you want the cleanest water possible? Choose DE filters

For many, the filter style will be based on contractor recommendations, budget, personal preference and the overall upkeep and maintenance the filter will include. Ask us for a breakdown on all of the styles so you can make an informed decision.