Swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care in Arizona explain how to care for a swimming pool

Swimming pools and their maintenance and upkeep take time, effort and money. Do it yourself types will likely try to tackle the tasks of pool care and maintenance. Many pool owners, though, understand how much time it takes and frankly, what a delicate balancing act it can be to get the pool chemicals in balance and to keep them there. Some pool owners simply want the fun of a pool without the hassle and that’s why they work with swimming pool service professionals from Express Pool Care to keep the pool always swimmable and the water clean, clear and bacteria-free.

Here is a short list of what goes into pool maintenance for Arizona pool owners:

  • The pool cartridge will typically need to be cleaned every four months or when the pool pressure is more than five pounds over the pounds per square inch. swimming pool maintenance
  • The pool’s pump and skimmer basket will need to be cleaned at least weekly, maybe more if there is a lot of dirt and debris falling into the pool. Using a cover will help keep the pool cleaner.
  • The pool pump should be run at least six to eight hours a day in the summer. You can run it at night when the draw on the electrical grid is lower and the cost for electricity may be lower.
  • Even if you have an automatic pool cleaner you, or your pool contractor, will still need to brush the pool as a way to prevent algae growth.
  • What is a salt chlorine generator? How is that different from using chlorine to use my pool? With a salt cleaning system there is no actual chlorine to store, however a salt cleaning system still makes chlorine as a cleaning agent and many pool owners feel it is a better option for health and environmental reasons.
  • How many gallons of water are in my pool? You can figure that out by: taking average depth, times the water surface area, times that by 7.5 and that will give you the total volume of water in gallons in your swimming pool. Now there’s a great piece of trivia for your next pool party!
  • Speaking of the amount of water in your pool… if it is losing more than an inch per day, you may have a leak and it might be time to contact your swimming pool contractor to come and inspect it.

If you have any service questions about your pool, give us a call. If you’re looking for a pool service contractor for the 2016 season, call us to get on our schedule before the prime spots fill up!