How to hire a pool service contractor, Express Pool Care Contractors offer tipsĀ 

There are many qualities that your pool service contractor in Phoenix, Arizona should possess. When you’re wondering how to hire a pool service contractor you will want to assure he is experienced and has good recommendations and that he is available when you need your pool cleaned and easy to work with.

Having access to a swimming pool is ideal no matter where you live, but being able to slip into your swimming pool in the heat of an Arizona day is a luxury, especially if you’ve been battling traffic or if you’ve been out in the heat. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care offer this advice when you’re choosing your swimming pool service contractor.

How to hire a pool service contractor

  • Hire someone with knowledge of and experience with pool water chemistry. A good pool service provider will have knowledge of the type and amount of chemicals needed for your unique swimming pool. He knows that a well-maintained pool will always have the correct levels of chlorine, pH, alkaline, conditioners, and other necessary chemicals.
  • They have maintenance skills. A competent and qualified pool service contractor will have a staff that is skilled in pool operating systems and equipment including having the know how to thoroughly clean the pool and accessories. You should feel comfortable that your pool contractor can ensure the pool equipment and components are in top working order and operating at peak efficiency. They will clean the pool of floating leaves and debris — you will also want to skim off debris between service visits. Your contractor will also brush the entire pool, vacuum it, and clean the filter, skimmer and pump baskets. The pool contractor will have his own set of equipment to clean and service your swimming pool.
  • Pool repairs and troubleshooting. Ask your pool contractor whether he can troubleshoot and repair broken equipment or a ripped vinyl liner or a cracked concrete pool. Ask how often he will inspect your pool to assure all equipment is in working order.
  • Add on services. Ask your pool contractor what his policy is on emergency or add on visits. Will he be able to fix pool equipment or will he need you to hire someone else to take care of specific pool tasks — like electrical issues.

If you’re looking for a pool service contractor to help keep your pool in tip top swimmable shape this summer, give us a call and ask for a quote!