Swimming pool fences and high tech security for swimming pool safety were not always required and in fact if you had a pool fence swimming pool when you were growing up, there may not have been a requirement for either. Today, however, swimming pool service providers in Laveen, Arizona understand that security is not only mandated by state and local requirements, but is simply a good idea for keeping everyone who uses the pool safe from harm.

Swimming pool fences are part of the requirements set forth by municipalities when a pool is being constructed and is considered a minimum level of security. Your pool fence will be inspected as will a pool construction project to assure safety requirements are adhered to. Regardless of the fencing you install, a curious child can find a way to scale it and fall into the pool if it is unsupervised.

Pool safety has gone beyond traditional chain link fences and into the realm of high-tech pool security systems that take both human and pet safety into consideration. Even though fencing is required many pool owners want more safety measures including infrared motion detectors. Infrared motion detectors devices sense when the light beam has been broken and sounds an alarm; experiment with the sensitivity setting to get the correct one because you don’t want it going off if a leaf or a twig falls into the pool in the middle of the night.

There are floating security devices equipped with motion sensors. These items are usually battery operated and sound an alarm when there is movement on the water. Again, with this type of motion sensor you will want to experiment until you get the setting that won’t go off when the pool jets begin circulating the water.

Motion-activated cameras are gaining in popularity and becoming a safety measures of choice. These cameras work on the same premise as the motion-activated alarms or infrared devices and are programmed to sweep the pool area and constantly monitor the area. They can also be programmed to activate once motion is detected. The cameras are wired to a television monitor or computer in a central location in the home.

No matter what type of security device you use, nothing is a substitute for vigilance and supervision by adults when children are in or around the pool.