Swimming pool owners in Arizona have the advantage of almost year round sun and sun that is powerful enough to solar pool heating keep the backyard swimming pool water heated and comfortable without having to use a heater! Being a swimming pool owner in Arizona makes it a viable option to advantage of the sun’s warming rays to heat the pool water, swimming pool service contractors in Phoenix, Arizona explain.

Working with your pool contractor to design a system for a  solar-heated swimming pool is a fairly easy undertaking and will not only save you money on heating the water, but can help save the environment as well.  The swimming pool service providers from Express Pool Care explain that the key to a successful solar panel installation is to make sure it’s located in the proper area of your yard in order to allow you to make the most of the sun’s rays. Don’t rule out solar pool heating if you don’t live in Arizona — you can use the technology in pretty much any area of the country. Unless you live in an extremely hot and almost continually sunny area like Arizona, you want to place your pool so it gets as much direct sunlight as possible. To take full advantage of the natural sunlight the pool itself should have a southern or western exposure.

Another way to enhance the power of your solar-heated swimming pool and to help it retain heat is by choosing a dark-colored bottom for the pool; dark colors absorb heat and then slowly release it while a light colored pool floor will reflect the heat. Keep in mind, though if you live in an extremely hot climate and don’t want your pool water to be as warm as bathwater, you may decide that a light colored pool floor is best for you.

Any overhanging tree branches will need to be trimmed back if you want to install an effective solar heating unit so that you can make full advantage of the direct sunlight. Some pool owners opt for a couple of shady spots, typically on the northern side of the swimming pool — this way you can have a place to “escape” the direct sunlight if you so desire. s.

Ask your pool contractor, the next time he comes to visit, whether a solar heating system would be advantageous for your swimming pool.