Has my pool sprung a leak? It’s a question that every pool owner will ask him or herself at some point. When you live in Arizona with its triple digit temperatures you may really be puzzled on whether your pool water is evaporating because of the heat or whether it really is leaking. A leaking swimming pool is something you will want to have addressed ASAP. If the water is leaking, and depending on the type of pool you have, it could cause the shell to float in the hole, could damage equipment and could erode the dirt around the pool — all potentially costly events.

No one wants to think their pool could be leaking and it is a rare occurrence (but does seem to happen more often with vinyl liner pools). If you suspect your pool is leaking contact the swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care as they are experienced in helping pool owners with this issue.

Has my pool sprung a leak?

Is it a leak? Is the water just evaporating because of the heat? An average pool loses about one inch of water a week, from evaporation. Evaporation is caused by heat and humidity, the water temperature and by air blowing across the surface of the pool. All of these are reasons why you should be diligent in the use of a swimming pool cover.

When you suspect a leak, try the bcket test to see if the water is leaking away or whether evaporation is causing the water levels to plunge.

  •  Grab a bucket, a pencil and a ruler
  • Turn off water features — waterfall, water pump, etc.
  • Turn off pool heater
  • Make certain the pool is filled to its normal level.
  • Make a mark on the pool’s skimmer wall to denote the water level
  • Turn the pump back on and let it run normally
  • After a couple of days turn the pump off to let the water settle then mark the level of where the water is now. Measure from your starting line to the current line.

Gauging the results: If there is a water loss of one quarter of an inch or less — it’s likely evaporation. If it’s more than that it could signify a leak. Walk around the pool and see if you can pinpoint any damp areas or areas of standing water that you’ve never seen before. Call a pool service contractor to discuss the results and see if he needs to come and inspect your pool for a potential leak.