Are fiberglass pools maintenance free?

The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care hear frequently, “are fiberglass pools maintenance free?” The answer is, no, they are not BUT they require less maintenance than most other pool building materials. The swimming pool service contractors from Express work with pool owners whether they have fiberglass, vinyl liner or gunite swimming pools to keep the water clean, clear and free of bacteria.

A fiberglass pool, unlike other pool construction types, requires less maintenance and is a quicker build than other models. Why? Because fiberglass pools are pre-fabricated, will be shipped to your home in one piece and settled into the excavated site. If you have a fiberglass pool, you might be able to swim within days, rather than the weeks, or even months that other building materials take.fiberglass pool cleaning

Are fiberglass pools maintenance free?

A fiberglass pool is considered virtually maintenance free. A fiberglass pool is constructed from flexible composite materials. This material is constructed to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations, never need to be resurfaced, won’t rip or tear and are not prone to algae bloom.

The daily maintenance of a fiberglass pool is easier than other pool materials.

Are there other benefits to having a fiberglass swimming pool in addition to being virtually maintenance free? There are a few:

  1. They last for decades and many come with lifetime warranties.
  2. They are smooth to the touch and that means fewer scrapes and cuts.
  3. They can be designed into almost any size, style and shape.

Fiberglass has been a viable construction option for swimming pool owners in Arizona since the 1950s when they were introduced to the market. Give us a call so we can discuss the unique service and maintenance for your fiberglass swimming pool. Whether you’re a long-time pool owner, a first time pool owner or just looking for a change in your pool service maintenance provider, give us a call. 

Please note, even though fiberglass swimming pools are virtually maintenance free, this does not mean that service can be neglected. You don’t want to take a chance of damaging your pool equipment because of a full or clogged skimmer or filter and you don’t want to risk the health of those who use the pool because of bacteria in the water.