You want to stay in shape and you know that exercise is important to good health, but who wants to jog around the neighborhood or ride a bike on tire-meltingly hot pavement? You can exercise in your pool during Arizona heatwaves and not sweat it!

Sometimes the idea of getting out for a jog or even a walk around the neighborhood is a daunting task, especially when the sun can be beating down on the sidewalks and pavement so much that even by 9 am, the heat is emanating off of them in waves. You certainly don’t want to let your good health and exercise habits fall by the wayside simply because triple digit Arizona summers are around the corner.

Exercise in your pool during Arizona heatwaves

Swimming pool owners don’t have to sweat it because no matter how hot it gets they can still slip into their swimming pools, swim laps and be comfortable! Spending time in the pool is fun and beneficial for your health. Swim laps, play with the kids, have a rousing game of in-pool volleyball and basketball. You can get your heart rate up and stay healthy without having to risk sunburn or heat stroke in the triple digit temps.

The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care explain a water workout keeps your body temperature regulated.

Benefits of a swimming workout include:

  • Water offers resistance to amp up the workout. Your muscles work more effectively in water with the resistance.
  • A water work out is easier on your bones and joints.
  • Water supports up to 80% of your body weight and this buoyancy means you face a smaller risk of injury.
  • Exercising in a swimming pool keeps body temperature constant and helps you avoid overheating.
  • Swimming builds heart health and lung strength
  • You burn between 450-700 calories per hour when swimming.
  • If you’re recovering from an injury, swimming may help you recover more quickly.

Work with a swimming pool contractor to assure your pool water is always clean, bacteria free and ready for you to swim when you want to get in your workout!