Express Pool Care pool service professionals offer a pool safety equipment checklist 

It doesn’t matter where you live if you own a swimming pool you need to be always vigilant about the safety of those who use it and those who live in the house in which a pool is in the backyard. The swimming pool service contractors from Express Pool Care work with pool owners in the Goodyear and Phoenix, Arizona areas to keep the pool water clean, clear and bacteria-free and they also offer advice on pool safety equipment necessary for responsible pool owners.

Essential pool safety equipment includes:

  • A pool safety fence. This will be a required item for all pool owners regardless of where you live. Choose a fence that not only meets all of your local requirements but that might add to the safety of a fence itself — by adding an alarm and an auto locking mechanism.¬†swimming pool fencing
  • A pool alarm. These devices can either float on top of the water and will sound when the surface is disturbed, or can be motion activated. You can even equip the pool area with a motion-activated alarm with video surveillance set up.
  • A safety cover. A safety cover for a swimming pool is different than a traditional pool cover. Safety covers are constructed to be able to bear a specific amount of weight and that can be a literal lifesaver if a child or pet breaches the alarms and fences and gets into the pool area.

Many pool owners opt for maximum safety by combining more than one type of pool safety equipment. For example they will have a safety cover and an alarm and the fence or any combination of safety devices. You may also want to consider having a life jacket or vest, an extending pole and a phone that is used for pool emergencies only. Talk with us the next time we pay a service visit if you’re wondering what you can do to make your pool the “safest room in the house.”