Express Pool Care service contractors offer swimming pool staycation tips

Enjoying your swimming pool under the heat of an Arizona sunshine is one of the most enjoyable ways to while away the hours — you certainly don’t want to be sitting in the yard or taking a bike ride in triple digit temperatures, right! When it comes to fun under the sun, there’s nothing better than staycation fun in your own swimming pool. If you have your own swimming pool you don’t have to worry about sharing the water with anyone, you won’t have to be in a hot car and you can swim whenever the mood strikes.

If you’re enjoying your swimming pool, but are looking for ways to enjoy it even more, talk with your swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care about upgrades or updates you can make to your pool to get even more enjoyment out of it. Consider enhancing the outdoor living space, adding a spa or hot tub or other water accessories.

The entire family will welcome the chance to spend time together in the swimming pool — it’s great for family bonding and for getting in shape, regardless of how hot it is. Encourage your children to invite some friends or invite some family members or friends over for an impromptu party. A swimming pool is a party waiting to happen, all you have to do is add the people and the snacks!

If your kids love the water, invest in toys that make swimming even more fun. Look for toys they can dive for, volleyball nets, a basketball hoop, rafts and other water toys to add to the fun. Invest in some rafts for the adults so they can spend time in the water, but don’t necessarily have to be swimming.

Motorized toys are fun and can be used by the kids to see who can catch it first, or who is fastest – the children or the toys.

Bottom line, when it comes to a staycation, it’s all about spending time together and relaxing. To do that you will want to make sure the outdoor living space is as welcoming as the pool. Consider investing in misters for the outdoor living space to take away the heat of the day and add a cooling sensation when you’re just kicking back pool side.