Electricity and water don’t mix, Express Pool Care swimming pool service pros explain  

It is extremely rare that you will come across elextrical hazards around the swimming pool, but if your swimming pool service contractor from Express Pool Care finds one while maintaining the swimming pool, it will need to be addressed immediately. When swimming pools are constructed, they are inspected during the construction and the electricity is installed by a qualified electrician so hazards with electricity aren’t typically a concern for pool owners.

Your pool contractor from Express Pool Care inspects the pool and its equipment when paying a service visit. The viability of the pool’s electrical components are items on the checklist.

The electricity that runs the pool components isn’t something you typically give much thought to and for good reason — these electrical components operate seamlessly in the background and are “hidden” from view.

Electrical hazards around the swimming pool

  • Your pool contractor assures electrical components are inspected and any issues corrected.
  • Older pools and older pool equipment can be at a higher risk of electrical issues due to wear and tear.
  • Aging electrical wiring in underwater lighting and pool equipment should be inspected regularly.
  • Changes in technology may result in the need to upgrade and update electrical components to meet current standards.

Here are a few ways in which electrical accidents happen:

  • Extension cords should never be used to power devices around the pool. Don’t use extension cords or electrical radios or devices around the pool. Use waterproof devices and battery-operated devices on the pool deck.
  • Faulty or improperly functioning pool components – lighting, pumps, filters – lead to electrical shocks.

Minimize the risk

  • Upgrade older lighting and equipment
  • Electrical projects are not do-it-yourself projects. Hire a professional.
  • Keep all electrical devices away from the water

If you notice electrical issues, turn off the power and call a professional!